Kamis, 08 November 2018

Mangrove Arboretum

Mangrove arboretum is a mangrove pilot forest which contains various kinds of mangrove species which are useful as a place of education and introduction of mangrove species to students, researchers and the community. The mangrove arboretum of Curiak Island is located in Anjir Muara, Barito Kuala regency.
The forerunner of the mangrove arboretum This is a less productive tidal rice field behind the Bekantan Research Station. Formerly this area was a mangrove forest, bekantantan habitat and other wildlife typical of wetlands

Since the end of 2017, SBI has tried to build it slowly and surely. With its mangrove production, breeding, planting, refining, maintenance and data collection programs, it was finally the beginning of September 2018, the land that was previously abandoned and considered unproductive, became a place for mangrove education and research for students from within and outside the country.
Despite being far from perfect, the arboretum, which has an area of approximately one hectare, contains no fewer than dozens of plants that grow well. This Arboretum is also equipped with track paths for pedestrians to observe mangrove ecosystems and the nameplate of mangrove species from ironwood boards.
The arboretum area is also used as a conservation school by SBI. Throughout the year, every four months, conservation schools are held, not only students from within the country, but also students from various countries. They are taught about conservation, especially wild life in wetland ecosystems.

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