Kamis, 08 November 2018

Bekantan Research Station

Bekantan Research Station; Bekantan Research Station is located on Curiak Island - Anjir Muara - Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. The idea was established on April 22, 2015 by Ferry F. Hoesain and Amalia Rezeki from the Indonesian Center for Biodiversity Studies and Conservation - Lambung Mangkurat University, who is also the founder of Yayasan Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI) - Banjarmasin. 

Then on December 22, 2017 began to be realized physically by conducting land acquisition for the construction of its research station facilities. This development is funded by Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia Foundation and non-binding donors. At the beginning of its establishment, the station was intended as a rehabilitation location for bekantan and research centers. since then Curiak Island has been used as a center for bekantan research and wetland ecosystems. While the bekantan rehabilitation place is in Banjarmasin. 

Bekantan Research Station was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Sutarto Hadi, M.Si., M.Sc., ULM Chancellor was accompanied by Professor Professor Roberts Timothy Kilgour, Professor Matthew Warrington and Professor Michael Joseph of New Castle University Australia. For the first time it was marked by Summer Course activities with ULM students and New Castle students - Australia.
 Now, the Bekantan Research Station is a special natural laboratory. Become a special attraction for domestic and foreign researchers, especially bekantan and their wetland ecosystems.

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