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Bekantan are native to the wetland forest. They are living among trees. So while on river safari cruise.

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Proboscis monkey conservation in Bekantan Research Station Curiak Island South Kalimantan

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Observation Proboscis Monkey Habitat in Curiak Island South Kalimantan

Endangered Species

Support and Help Amalia Rezeki and Her SBI Foundation For Bekantan Conservation in South Kalimantan - Indonesia

Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

They comments about SBI

Bekantan.org - Here are some comments from public figures and volunteers to Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI)

Janny Woodford
I Have never meet someone so passionate, cleaver and caring about everything she does! Not just about the monkeys and the project but also about everyone involved, her home town and everyone in it. She works so hard to organise, promote and share her knowledge and she does it all with smile. With Amalia involved in the project it will not fail, she will make sure of it ! An amazing project, with amazing people, all for the amazing Bekantan. (Janny Woodford - Volunteer from England)

Marie Tannetta – Volunteer from England
Amalia is extremely passionate about the environment and its wildlife. She is an inspiration to others in her country and to people around the world. Her dedication and hard work is making a huge impact in her local community and raising awareness around the issues facing Indonesian animals and habitat. (Marie Tannetta – Volunteer from England)

Obermayer Dora, Hungarian
Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI) is one of the most inspirational organisation in Indonesia. They reach a target, they supported how officialy by the government they are proffesional, helpful and sharing. Amalia is an amazing woman pull of energy and always easier to her knowlidge with others. We must say a big thank you to her. Thanks Amalia !. (Obermayer Dora, Hungarian)

Ivan Dacko, Slovakia
Banjarmasin is not very poppular for tourism, but SBI can entertain tourist and traveler who tare interested. Amalia is interisting and educated person. She know a lot about Bekantan and She can share these information. (Ivan Dacko, Slovakia)

Niloy Das - Bangladesh
Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI) is doing very good. SBI should work to draws attentions from international organization which will add new dimension in their activity. Amalia is very cordial, knowledgabel and good organizer. She has very good communication skill and through her inovative leadership  i think SBI is growing very quickly. I wish good luck to Amelia, her friends and SBI. (Niloy Das - Bangladesh)

Tanzina Siddiqva Mithin, Bangladeshi
Being a volunteer of SBI is a nice experience, learn new things and gained knowledge about wild life and their conservation. Amalia is a very nice, friendly and cooperative person, we learn lot of things from her, about bekantan and other rare group of animals like Owa-owa. She is trying hard with SBI and I wish all the best to Amalia and SBI. (Tanzina Siddiqva Mithin, Bangladeshi).

Lee Won Young, South Korea

Banjarmasin is a beautiful city which has a balance between nature and city facilities. It was impressive to see the mascott of the city, Bekantan from close distance and also in wild. Amalia was a great friend and perfect guide to us. Thanks to her we could learn the habitats, diet and current situations of Bekantan and local people. (Lee Won Young, South Korea)

Amazing centre to visit to see Bekantan rehabilitation for people who really care are friendly like national geographic. Amalia is so young but she has already a chieved so much! she is an inspiration and a leading force in conservation in Banjarmasin. She is very inspirational.  (Gill Coombs, Australian)

It is very nice to see the work of the Bekantan conservation, the help is very important to save the Bekantans from extinction. The world needs more nice and warm-hearted people like Amalia. (Fabi S., German)

Thank you very much to Amalia, Feri, and all the SBI supporters and friends for letting me help and participate in the noble and important cause of the Bekantan conservation. It was a tremendous experience to have the opportunity to work closely with this amazing species, which is unique to Borneo and to us many challanges in forms of its survival. If was very inspiring for me to be surrounded by people who share such strong passion and commitment towards the Bekantan. My last thought goes to Ciro Jr. I Hope he grows healthy in the forrest!. (Ciro Rendas, Portugal)

Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Pelepasliaran Bekantan ke -10 "David"

Bekantan.org - David the Proboscis monkey was rescued from the river in Banjarmasin town 3 months ago by Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia. He was very weak from starvation and almost drowned through exhaustion. The foundation looked after him at their rehabilitation centre until he was strong enough to be released back into the wild. The local community came together on 27th March to celebrate this event and the great work that the organisation are doing. People from around the world including Holland and England are supporting the foundation through volunteering, raising awareness and giving donations. The organisation are not just saving animals but working hard to educate the people about environmental issues that can put the countries endangered wildlife at risk. - SAVE THE PROBOSCIS MONKEY -   
(Marie Tannetta from England)

Pelepasliaran David di Pulau Bakut
Bertepatan Peringatan Hari Bekantan Minggu 27 Maret 2016

Minggu, 27 Maret 2016

Peringatan Hari Bekantan 27 Maret 2016

Bekantan.org - Dalam rangka menyambut Hari Bekantan 2016, Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia (SBI) menggelar acara seremonial yang dipusatkan di Siring Menara Pandang, Minggu 27 Maret 2016. Syukuran Hari Bekantan ditandai dengan pemotongan tumpeng oleh Pangeran H (Gt.) Rusdy Effendy AR, selaku pembina SBI didampingi ketua DPRD ibu Hj.Noormiliyani AS.,SH.,  Walikota Bpk Ibnu Sina,S.Pi.,M.Si, dan Kepala BKSDA Kalsel Ir Lukito Andy Widyarto.
Acara Pemotongan Tumpeng
Pada kesempatan yang sama, SBI juga memberikan penghargaan antara lain kepada Emergency Landasan Ulin, Bank Kalsel, dan Tim Pimnas Unlam Duta Cilik Sayang Bekantan sebagai bentuk apresiasi terhadap kepeduliannya dalam pelestarian Bekantan.

Pelepasliaran Bekantan di Pulau Bakut menjadi penutup  rangkaian kegiatan seremonial Hari Bekantan 2016 ini.