Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Pelepasliaran Bekantan ke -10 "David" - David the Proboscis monkey was rescued from the river in Banjarmasin town 3 months ago by Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia. He was very weak from starvation and almost drowned through exhaustion. The foundation looked after him at their rehabilitation centre until he was strong enough to be released back into the wild. The local community came together on 27th March to celebrate this event and the great work that the organisation are doing. People from around the world including Holland and England are supporting the foundation through volunteering, raising awareness and giving donations. The organisation are not just saving animals but working hard to educate the people about environmental issues that can put the countries endangered wildlife at risk. - SAVE THE PROBOSCIS MONKEY -   
(Marie Tannetta from England)

Pelepasliaran David di Pulau Bakut
Bertepatan Peringatan Hari Bekantan Minggu 27 Maret 2016

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