Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Adopt An Orphan Proboscis Monkey (Bekantan)

Adopt An Orphan Proboscis Monkey  is one of our programme to help baby of proboscis monkey (Bekantan) in rehabilitation center. Each adoption helps our orphan proboscis monkey which has lost its mother due to poaching, or she might have been killed because wandering into palm oil plantation learn how to care for themselves and survive in the wild.

Care of these infants is costly and requires a staff to ensure they are in a healthy condition and have the best chance to survive – and possibly even return to the wild.

Help us save the bekantan by adopting an bekantan for yourself, a friend or a family member for just 10$ a month.

Adopt an bekantan today using recurring billing or a standing order. You will receive an adoption certificate by post.

Memel began her life as a pet and has to learn how to behave and survive as a wild bekantan. By adopting Memel you will support her education. Memel has just started Forest School at the rehabilitation center. Some day she will be released in protected rainforest.

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