Jumat, 05 Mei 2017


Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia ( SBI ) Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered under Indonesian Law, dedicated to the conservation of wild Bekantans and their habitat. Founded by Amalia Rezeki a biologist conservation Lambung Mangkurat University at Banjarmasin and associates in 2013.

Bekantan - Proboscis Mongkey is an endemic spesies in Kalimantan - Indonesia, it is also the mascot of South Kalimantan Province. According to IUCN (International Union for Conservation Nature and Natural Resources), the conservation status of Bekantan is endangered and Appendix I by CITES.
" help us in our mission to save bekantans and their habitat ". We need your help to continue its work.
And we need some people who care for donating to reach our target for bekantans care, recovery and release back to the forest! Who wants to help get us over the line?
Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia Foundation - BNI 033 99 333 96 an.Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia.

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