Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2016


Sahabat Bekantan Program is a program of Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia Foundation to raise funds from society to increase awareness of protection and conservation of proboscis monkey. As we know, proboscis monkey is the endemic animal that is protected by the government, because proboscis monkey is listed by IUCN as endangered species and categorized by CITES as Apendix 1. Every year the proboscis monkey population decrease due the habitat loss, forest fire and illegal trade.

Everybody can join us, just for IDR 100.000 per month of donation. Every donation will used for proboscis monkey conservation activities in short and longterm, such as rescue, patrol area, education about proboscis monkey conservation and restoration of their habitat.

Every donors that has joined us will get a merchandise and bekantan news bulletin every 2 months, and an appreciation certificate of proboscis monkey conservation.
Donation transfer through Bank account of BNI - 0339933396 - Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia

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